Starting Anew

Hi lovely READER!

I hope you’re having an awesome day! I am Erika, an average girl who just wants to share stuff online, just like everybody else, lol. But let me tell you why and how. here’s an insight…

Most of the time i write my journals on my iPhone notes (for myself). Otherwise, i share details about my daily activities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lets face it. Everybody loves to show others all the interesting and momentous happenings in their lives. But WHAT FOR? To thoroughly impress others? To attain that gratification and satisfaction knowing that other people have a knowledge of what you had for lunch, with who and where you had it? Lol. Well, i cant deny, I’m definitely one of those people who takes selfies in the middle of a traffic just to publish on Instagram how bored i am in the car. The point is, a lot of us post statuses, pictures etc online for the fun of it, or just to follow trends. However, lately i’ve come to realize that i needed something more than 140 characters to express my feelings. I also do not intend to flood my Instagram account with loads of pictures at one go (that would cause the instantaneous decrease in followers, like duhhh!).

Vanity at its best.
Capturing Vanity at its best– Selfie in the car. lol

Anyhow, I’m the kind of person who loves to travel and very much into spontaneity. i also have an irrevocable connection with the beach and nature. i love to meet new people and am down for anything fun. I realized that what i really wanna do is to record down thoughts, travel diaries and things that inspire me along the way, all in one platform. I want to write about and share with others new experiences, values, places. Through my eyes to yours. Through my camera lens to your computer screens. Through blogging, i will be able to do just that.

So yeah, i hope i can give my future viewers/readers a good killing (reading) time with my fun and more entertaining future posts! 🙂

Au revoir!


*You can also check out my previous Vacay photos on my instagram : @erikamagora



One thought on “Starting Anew

  1. Good decision starting a blog Erika. I’m sure you will find it more interesting as time goes.
    Keep blogging. Let me know if you have some questions regarding blogging and its technical aspects. I will try to help.


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