Best Solo Trip Ever

It has been 2 years since my last post and frankly I should have posted a lot more considering the amount of traveling I’ve actually been doing these past 2 years, across Asia, Australia and Europe. The warm, the cold, the extra warm and extra cold. I have been somewhat lazy and it was always easier to publish on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Anyway, fast forward to 2017… I’ve recently migrated to Europe a couple of months ago and I’ve visited (so far) 10 European countries including England, Wales, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria and last but not the least, Hungary. I still have several more booked for the next few months and I am absolutely ecstatic! I was in a really bad place (state of mind), emotionally drained and reached my lowest point in February. Traveling really helped me lift my spirits up. I decided to write about my latest venture because I personally think it has been the best, wildest, most adventurous,Β and most fulfilling thus far. If you want to see all the crazy good shit that went down, please continue reading until the end!


I did a solo trip to Prague – Vienna – Budapest. It was actually pretty nerve-wracking to go to these countries as I was told that they don’t speak much English, and you’ll easily get lost. However, I feel a bit skeptical about that idea now. Based on my experience, honestly everyone has been extremely helpful. Even when I don’t ask for directions, but I clearly look lost, trying to figure out the map, a nice lady or a man would just come up to me and tell me which way to go. They would even walk with me to reassure that I don’t get lost. Everyone generally speaks English as well and those who don’t, they struggle to show me hand gestures and they stutter trying to speak broken English just to point me to the right place, I really really appreciate the effort!!

I first flew from England to Prague. It is a small city yet it consists of the most beautiful sceneries and so much history. It’s also Spring/Easter break so the flowers are blooming, there are beautifully decorated eggs sold in the market and easter bunnies. It was the perfect time to visit.


All these colorful Easter decorations in a quaint, little old town square.
The feels of ancient history, i could imagine knights riding their horses throughout this very spot back in the 17th–18th century.
You must walk through the Charles Bridge to see a picturesque sight of the river overlooking the city.
Most European cities I visit have love locks, it just symbolizes how love and romance are given so much emphasis in these places… and that for me, is, yes, cliche and cheesy but a wonderful thing!

You have got to go Letna park just below the Prague castle to catch this view of the city!

The highlight of this trip was probably when I met a married Israeli couple who requested for me to take “cringy” photos of them as they return the favor to me! They were so nice and lovely, we walked up the Petrin Hill together and took their pictures along the beautiful pathway… Unfortunately I did not get a photo with them 😦 But here are the ones they took of me! Haha

Once we reached the top… we climbed the Petrin tower to see the views from an even higher perspective. Honestly, the photos don’t even give justice to the exhilarating feels i had just taking it all in and the desire to save this sight in my head.

Going downhill, the Israeli couple went off and I was on my own which i really enjoyed as i found the perfect bench to lie down and enjoy the sunlight with a good scenery. Also, there were not many people at that time so I wasn’t simply hogging this bench! No one else had to sit there. (haha just putting it out there…)

The Sun is my friend.

The best food to try is the Trdlo, Chimney cake. Personally i thought it was scrumptious for the first few bites. But it was WAAAAY too sugary for me that i struggled to finish it. Too sweet for my liking.

My face when I see foood!!!

You should visit the Cafe du Louvre which serves the best Braised beef dumplings and the beer costs 80 cents (Euros)! Cheap and good beer!! That’s what i like!!

Okay, i think the Main highlight is when I actually met a group of Finnish and joined them for a night out and the beers in Prague costs EXTREMELY Cheap as compared to England so naturally I had Β XX pints of beers and chatted, sung and danced the night away with the Finnish. I walked back to the hostel and bought kebabs which I actually HALF regret because although it was so delicious, it was also way too late to eat that junkfood and I felt no mercy for my physique!! Oh well…

The next day I made some new friends again…

Adorable little pony!!
Shaun the SHEEP?!


Vienna was also a very captivating city with perfectly built architectures, which looked so new and the streets are very clean! Here I made friends with really international people, Staying in a hostel is the best way to meet people… there’s some stigma attached to it, such as it’s dangerous, creepy, dirty etc etc. These are all bull!! The hostels in Europe are kept clean and pleasant and i honestly like the idea of meeting different people exchanging stories with them. The people I’ve met along the way, locals, fellow tourists/travelers have been immensely interesting with different stories to tell. From non-European countries like Hongkong, Japan, Malaysia, Canada, Israel, America, Philippines, Argentina, Costa Rica… They all have their own stories to tell and frankly I would sit down/walk with them for hours just listening and exchanging stories. It’s like having an epiphany of completely new experiences and learnings. Couldn’t be more gratuitous for all these diversity!!

Different but all the same, with the insatiable desire to travel. I know most of the people I meet are transient, but who knows in the future we’ll meet again, in another time, another place, another adventure! Here are some snaps from Vienna. The only proof my new found friends i have are through videos but I cant upload the video format here 😦 Shout out to Greg, Edvinas, Christian, Ron, Louis, Mio, Safiya, Cherise and Lukas!Β 

St Stephen’s Cathedral
Albertina Square
Easter Bunny!!!

Picturesque Stadtpark
Pink blossoms πŸ™‚
Hofburg Palace
Schonbruun Palace
Belvedere Quarters

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you rich. Budapest has, without a doubt, definitely made me a lot richer, rich in experience! It has been unbelievably insane. I stayed in Budapest living luxuriously because everything is so cheap compared to the UK!

Budapest has incredible views of the city and the BEST night life. I came at the perfect time, weather was on point! About 20-21 degrees and I could wear shorts outside which i normally don’t when i’m in England.

The Parliament of Budapest

From the Chain Bridge you can see the Budapest castle right there behind me!
If London has the Tower bridge, Budapest has the Chain Bridge!

I also went for a Thermal bath which costed about 17 Euros. This is really cheap considering the grandness and luxurious look of the baths. When in Budapest, you definitely have to try this!!

The Gellert Spa (Thermal bath)

It was extremely hot. It rejuvenated and revitalized my senses. It’s like taking a steam bath with other people in a grand building filled and designed with 18th century art. But this place isn’t crowded so you generally have your own space to yourself.


Seeing the city from a different perspective.. like climbing a hill is one of the best things you could do. Even though it does take a lot of effort and energy. The view from the top is worth it!

From the top!
Climbed that hill behind me!!

You must be wondering Which one is the view? πŸ˜‰

I met a girl from Brighton while i was there. On my last evening/night I went to climb this hill again just to see the spectacular sunset! I had no idea that she would be here for the Second time! It was both our last nights and I guess great minds think alike because, hey we both wanted that perfect sunset view! Say Hello to Anastasia πŸ™‚


Sat down and talked until the sun went down. Night views….

Also met these 3 cool Hungarian boys who walked with me to the top while discussing more about the authentic Hungarian history and culture.

Now, onto the crazy insane, great, amazing, fun, unforgettable parts… (ok maybe i forgot some of them! *excessive alcohol intake tends to reduce your memory ahem ahem*) My first bar crawl was insane! It was called the Bingo Bar Crawl. We were each given a Bingo Card which consists of 25 boxes. Each box contained a challenge which we were supposed to do throughout the night to earn our points and get rewards such as MORE shots, tshirts, freebies and if we managed to complete EVERYTHING, a free boat trip around Budapest! I managed to complete 17 out of 25!!!Β Can i hear a Whoop whoop!

Forming a human pyramid while we were MILDLY drunk… that girl in the bottom is still in the midst of drinking Wow!! hahahaha
The whole group of this amazing fun bunch! πŸ˜€
This was me proposing to a girl i had just met that night… Look at her face expression, she said YES!!!
This was me forming a Congo line and trying to document it on Snapchat! lol


After one too many shots πŸ˜‰
EARNED MY Bingo Bar Crawl Shirt The hard way πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ …
One of my challenges was to take a selfie with the toilet attendant… and Voila! haha she was even pouting! πŸ˜›

It was SICK!! I did so much shit I wouldn’t have otherwise done in any other place with any other people HAHA! *Dont ask me all of them because WHAT HAPPENS IN BUDAPEST, STAYS IN BUDAPEST πŸ˜‰ *

Now i know i had way too much crazy in one night. But the next day I met a bunch of Filipinos, and it’s so rare for me to meet Filipino travelers my age, so when they told me to go for another Bar crawl, i was easily persuaded! Lol. Played way too many rounds of Beer pong, Flip the cup, went Karaoke-ing and then hit the club! It was WILD and i got extremely inebriated (drunk, smashed, wired, wasted, intoxicated, Whatever!) by the end of it, but it was worth it! I met some other people along this crawl who were so so fun and made the night a whole lot more extraordinary.

One of the many many many tequila shots we had that night!!!

Also made friends with these 2 beautiful Vienna girls πŸ˜‰ It was a pleasure to meet you!

Okay so, throughout this trip I’ve met so many people and probably made about 20 (more or less) new friends, and you’ll be surprised how much in common you’ll have with other people. It’s so interesting; the mindset, attitude, culture, interests, lifestyles. It’s always nice to strike a conversation with just about anyone. This trip has been one of the best. I love solo trips. It was extremely thrilling and self-fulfilling in terms of places to see and people to meet. I also learnt SO much about myself, I’m now in a much happier place compared to 2 months ago. I’ve definitely let go a lot more, loosened all my rules and just did everything, all of these crazy things I’ll never ever forget.

Thank you, Budapest. You’ve been hella amazing.



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