How to Keep Fit, Toned & Healthy

Hi guys!!!

So recently, there have been a lot of people asking and commenting about my fitness regime, how I keep fit, how I manage my diet, what kind of work out I do, how I stay in shape… So here it goes.

Frankly there are many VERY wrong ideas and ways some people think about getting in shape!

My STORY: Since I was in high school I was always into sports anyway. Track and field and marathons were my thing. So it wasn’t so difficult to stay in shape being sporty and all.. However, I only seriously started my fitness regime when I turned 17. Reason?  First Bad break up. First HEARTBREAK. Ouch! Made me EXTREMELY insecure about the way I looked. So I joined the gym and hired a personal trainer! But as time went by, my reason COMPLETELY changed. I got over that horrible romance and the results I got in the gym made me so much more motivated to go even more. I really loved it and developed my interest in it. So i learnt so much and after a few months I didn’t need a personal trainer anymore.

Transformation from 2013-2017:


From June 2013 to December 2013; 6 months of sheer hard work and regular gym sessions. This was the year when I didn’t miss any sessions at all!!!
2014; when I got myself into Kickboxing! Kapowwww!!!
2015; This year I worked hard on my butt. Boy does it show.
2016; More variations between boxing and other standard gym routines. 
2017; A year where I’ve been doing a lot of cardio tbh. Walking and cycling almost everyday to uni, gym and anywhere I go in town. But also still learning a lot of kick ass moves from the trainers and friends I’ve made in this new gym I joined in Liverpool 🙂


A lot of people, especially girls (not being Sexist, just being real!), think that going to the gym is all about cardio and lifting “minimal” (if any at all!) weights, because they don’t want to get too “bulky”, too “muscular”, too “big”! The truth is, we girls do not have as much testosterone level as men do. This is the hormone that makes you look muscular. So naturally we won’t be able to get that big. Those aesthetic girls you see online, who compete in heavy-lifting competitions are definitely taking some testosterone pills to make their muscles bigger and pop! So, unless you’re on some steroids, girl dontcha worry you wont grow so big by upping your weights!

In fact, lifting heavier weights accelerates your toning process. When you lift properly, you destroy your weaker and small muscles and build newer and stronger, more toned ones!!! This is why you feel sore and weak the day after your work out because your muscles are in the recovery state. I’m sure a lot of girls’ aim is to tone up. Toning up basically means building newer, stronger muscles. To do this, you have to do both cardio and lifting. Cardio to get rid of the excess fats and lifting to destroy older muscles!

Another common mistake people do is NOT eating right. A lot of people think that they’ve wasted a day in the gym if they go home and eat loads of food. In fact, you’re totally wrong. Your body needs FOOD. A lot of it! Food gives you the nutrition you need to recover the muscles that you just destroyed in the gym. Fats, carbs, and protein form calories. If you have too little of each, your body won’t grow the way you want it to. Do not ever think that CARBS are bad for you. CARBS give you energy and sustain your body throughout your daily activities. Do not cut it out from your diet, ladies! Also don’t be too conscious of consuming Fats. Fats is essential for our body. Did you know that your Boobs are made up of fats? If you eat less fats your boobs will shrink… Is that what you want??? Hahaha, I think not… Food is so essential to build those muscles back. Remember, muscles are NOT made in the gym, but rather in the kitchen!!!



Working out is the easy part, the diet part is definitely where we all struggle… But we all gotta take it slow and steady.

If you completely switch yourself from eating too much carbs to TOO little, your body will go through a shock and you’re gonna get sick!! This shock will affect your hormones, sleeping pattern, mood… and at the end of the day you’ll just end up feeling depressed and WORSE, tempted to eat your feelings up! :/ You should do this slowly but surely. Find better sources of calories instead. That way you still have the right amount of calories but different proportions of fats, proteins and carbs.


Don’t ever be afraid to REWARD yourself with cheat days!! Your body would always somehow crave for sugar! Just make sure your cheat days don’t outweigh the Clean days 😉



Some of us need to focus more on our thighs, some of us on our arms, some on our bellies… but the truth is, if we only focus on one part, the the other parts will look disproportionate to others. That would look weird, won’t it? If you do an ALL- body work out, it will help your other parts tone up too. Every body parts are interconnected, for example when you’re doing barbell curls, you’re also engaging your abs as you want to keep your upper body as straight as possible and keep your balance.


It’s fun to be all around, switching it up from upper body days to lower body days. That way it doesn’t get boring to hit the gym, there’s always something new to do. The days that you feel laziest, unmotivated, and shitty to go the gym are the days where you really have to drag yourself! Trust me, you’re one Work-out away from a good mood!!!


WEIGHT problems:

DON’T ever trust the weighing scale! Don’t be insecure of gaining weight when your initial goal of going to the gym was to lose weight! FUN FACT: Solid Muscles weigh more than fats! So you may look SO MUCH more toned but still weigh more than a FAT person!

Don’t be deceived by those scales… they’re just numbers!! As long as you feel strong and toned, that’s what matters. Screw those numbers. The only numbers that should matter are the Kgs/Pounds of barbells/dumbbells that you’re carrying!



For me it’s always been a mix of everything. Be adventurous. Be outdoorsy. Be bold and be fun! Try different things. Not just going to the gym but actually living life in the most active way you can while also filling your life with experiences and thrills. Hiking is my absolute favorite, it gives me that sense of achievement once I reach the top of a mountain or even just a small hill. The views from the top is always so worth the pain and going out of breath while hiking up.

2016 hike

My soul belongs to the sea and so I surf and this is also a good form of work out. You’re swimming and balancing your body in the water, pushing against the currents and going above the tides. Just completely settling in with nature. 


Play some football in your free time, or some other type of sports, badminton, tennis, squash, cycle, whatever. Join marathons, obstacle races, get dirty!!!


Back in 2015… Used to cycle 20 KM every weekend!! Started from 6 am in the morning. And then breakfast after!


Ending this on a high note: Remember, BE FIT, TONED and HEALTHY. Not skinny!

feb 2017 boxing


I would like to thank everyone who have sent me messages saying that I’ve been their Fitness inspiration and I’ve motivated them to work out. You know who y’all are. I see you 😉 I’m always so so so flattered to receive such meaningful messages! It makes me strive harder! You can always ask me anything regarding fitness and I post some of my work out routines on my Instagram stories as well so you can follow me if you like 🙂

Instagram : @erikamagora

Snapchat: @erikamagora

Twitter: @erikamagora

Keep pushing, keep fighting, you got this in the bag! 😉


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